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So Your House Flooded … Now What?

We know how shocking it is to discover your kitchen floor covered in water or your basement flooded. Water damage is one of the most common and sometimes the most destructive problems you can face as a property owner. At Restore 24 we provide a 24-hour emergency water damage service for the St. Cloud and central MN area.

Ready to get help with your home’s water damage?


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We help flooding victims deal with

Water Clean-up & Drying

Water Damage Restoration of Building

Itemizing of Salvageable/Unsalvageable personal items

Aiding in the completion of paperwork & estimates

Investigating the Cause

Water damage repair can be more than simply water removal. It can be an investigation of where the water came from and where it went. If left undetected, water leakage in your home can cause continued damage and even mold.

Restore 24’s Water Damage Restoration Steps

Our technicians will start by evaluating the damage, taking action to minimize the loss, and tend to any personal property that needs to be removed or dried out. Wet building materials will be removed as needed and the drying process will be started. Restore 24 technicians will monitor and document our services throughout the restoration process. Our project manager will work with you for the restoration of all damaged areas.

1. You book our team.

Please give our team a call at 320-257-4994 for 24/7 assistance.

2. We do damage control.

Our expert team will secure the area, prevent additional water damage, remove debris, dry up water, clean, remove odors, and sanitize the home.

3. We inspect & create a plan.

We’ll work alongside your insurance agent, mortgage company, and other parties involved.

4. We restore your home.

Finally we can complete repair or construction work to return your home to its pre-loss state.

Ready to get help with your home’s water damage?


Emergency? Call 320-257-4994

Your Central MN Experts in Water Damage Restoration

With over 40 years in this industry, our professional staff has extensive experience working with homeowners and businesses to get you back to pre-loss condition. We will work with you, and your insurance and mortgage companies, to complete all necessary paperwork and estimates. Keeping you informed throughout the process will give you peace of mind. Rest assured knowing that we take care of your property with the attentiveness and precision we would care for our own property.

See what our customers have to say:

“Ok, so obviously we all hope our pipes don’t freeze, causing washers to backup mid-cycle, creating a waterfall in the kitchen, and ruining all the hardwood floors… BUT if that (or something similar) should happen CALL RESTORE 24. They know what they are doing, are straight forward, kind, helpful–like SUPER helpful–and just all around awesome at what they do.”

Jen Thompson
Water damage restoration client

Ready to get help with your home’s water damage?


Emergency? Call 320-257-4994